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Rexolite is a thermoset, rigid and translucent plastic produced by cross linking polystyrene with divinylbenzene.Rexolite has outstanding dieletric properties,is a high voltage insulator proven superior over acrylic for dendriting resistance.

  • Rexolite 1422
    Rexolite® Cross-Linked PolystyreneTranslucent Color
    Rexolite 1422 is a thermoset cross linked polystyrene copolymer. This material has a combination of good physical and excellent electrical properties including low loss and stable dielectric constant making this material suitable for microwave lenses as well as precision components. Also available in Rexolite 1422, is copper clad for printed circuit boards.

  • Rexolite 2200
    Rexolite® Cross-Linked PolystyreneTranslucent Color
    Rexolite 2200 is a thermoset cross linked styrene copolymer. This material is glassed filled which provides it with greater temperature stablility and strength. Rexolite 2200 is highly suited for missile and other applications where extreme cold, thermal shock and mechanical stress are encountered. This material is available in copper clad, commonly used for printed circuit boards.

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