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Engineering Assistance

75 years of providing advanced materials to industry has taught us many lessons. Today's common plastics such as Nylon and Delrin were at one time cutting edge materials developed in the mid 40's to meet the challenges of lubrication free bearings in both wet and dry environments. The E. Jordan Brookes Company was one of the very first adapters to help OEM's convert from bronze bushings and bearings to Nylon and Delrin.


Plastics have continued to evolve and today are being used in every industry from aircraft, to electronics, to medical devices, to semiconductor components, and beyond. What hasn't changed is EJB's on-going commitment and application expertise to help engineers sift through the myriad of materials available in order to select the best option for your application.


Based on our many years of experience, and at the same time working closely with the very best technically equipped and innovative plastic processors, we can provide all the latest supporting data to help optimize your material selection process. Please contact us today and let us help.

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